• "[KIPCOR trainings are] excellent and have direct application possibilities in many different settings."
    - 2005 training participant
  • "The opportunity to learn through activity and interaction allowed for immediate download of a useable application."
    - 2006 training participant
  • "I felt like I had useable skills when I left, which is unheard of for a 4-day training. ...You engage all your senses, intelligences, and modes of learning."
    - 2008 training participant
  • "This was one of the best trainings I have been to and I have been a certified mediator for 8 years. Great variety of topics. Competent presenters. Excellent training!"
    – 2009 training participant
  • "KIPCOR and their excellent staff are the ‘guru’ of mediation training. I have never been disappointed with what they offer."
    - 2009 training participant
  • "Energizing, empowering, exhausting, invigorating – I learned a tremendous amount about myself, others, and relationships."
    - 2005 training participant
  • "I wish I would have done this training sooner in my career—I will address my legal clients differently, and it would be excellent for new lawyers."
    - 2011 training participant
  • "The first day I was not excited about the role plays but those were extremely helpful and inspiring! I loved this class! I have gained new confidence in myself!"
    - 2011 training participant
  • "[Kaufman House] is an awesome home for a wonderful program."
    - 2005 training participant

Education and Training

Education and Training are a significant part of KIPCOR's program - a way to work proactively at solving problems, managing disagreement and building peace.

Conference Shadow

The KIPCOR Conflict Resolution Certificate offers in-depth education and training in practical conflict management and problem-solving skills applicable to personal, professional and small or large group settings. Certificate courses may be taken for either academic credit or as non-credit professional training.

KIPCOR offers custom training options for professionals that focus more broadly on managing conflict and collaborative problem-solving. We have designed and delivered custom training for a wide variety of clients, tailoring programs to meet the unique needs of specific organizations, agencies, departments or congregations.

KIPCOR staff also teach conflict resolution courses that are integral to the Bethel College Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (PJCS) minor. Many KIPCOR courses fulfill Bethel’s PJCS General Education requirement.

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